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SC Remico Comprest SRL was founded in 1995 with the main object of activity the manufacturing of metal confections. The society is registered with the Romanian  Trade Register Office under the number J17/1635/1995, VAT number RO 7862755.

We are constantly making efforts to meet customer requirements, to diversify the branches of activity and, of course, to also increase production capacities. In a relatively short period of time, through continuous improvement, combined with hiring the best technical staff, all specialized, experienced and passionate the company production extended to all sort of metal works, mechanical processing, assembly of metal constructions, repair of electrical pumps, hydraulic works, civil and industrial construction works, land reclamation works.

Working together with other companies with a vast experience in land reclamation works, in both design and execution led the management to steer the activity to this area in particular. We currently have capacities to rehabilitate and upgrade pumping stations for irrigation systems, which include both channels facilities and upgrade of pumping stations, automation and remote monitoring included. We also focus on implementing new unconventional sources of energy for pumping stations.

The main activity, that is the production of metal confections, mechanical processing, repair of electrical pumps, takes place at our own production facility, comprising a  762 square meters production hall and the storage areas and the outside work platform are spread over an area of 2800 square meters.

As for the technical staff, the company’s activity relies on the expertise of mechanical, civil and land reclamation engineers, economists and administrators. They form a strong team which uses knowledge and passion in order to shape metal and bring it to life.

The purpose of all our efforts is to create at all levels of the organization the consciousness of a well done thing or action. The main objectives: “Quality – Delivery time – Price” are the most valuable coordinates of our system and the customer is the balance point of this triangle.